Car Maintenance Tips For The Budget Conscious

My customer Jimmy drives a 1998 Ford. He bought it for $2000 and has driven it for 8 years. We sat down a few months ago and calculated his monthly maintenance bill (including oil change and complete brake overhaul) which came to a whopping $41 per month. That’s the miraculous power of simple car maintenance. 3 Common Maintenance Issues: Neglected … Read More

Oil Changes and Routine Inspections – For Busy People

Without oil, your car engine goes “BOOM” – and without keeping your oil fresh and clean, same thing – BOOM! Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It keeps all the metal parts moving around in the motor from destroying each other from intense heat and friction.“How Often Do I Need An Oil Change?”In general, I recommend every 6,000 km. … Read More

Hey Ho, Silver! Repairing Vehicles Other Than Cars

Your car is a trusty steed, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you ride – and even the Lone Ranger gave Silver a break once in a while. But just like your daily driver, it’s important to keep your “toys” in good condition. Whether you have a motorcycle, boat, or RV tucked away in your back garage, you … Read More