Hey Ho, Silver! Repairing Vehicles Other Than Cars

Your car is a trusty steed, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you ride – and even the Lone Ranger gave Silver a break once in a while.

Lone Ranger_George Muller

But just like your daily driver, it’s important to keep your “toys” in good condition. Whether you have a motorcycle, boat, or RV tucked away in your back garage, you want to be able to depend on it. That means showing it some love! Lucky for you, I’m always willing look at anything you roll into the shop.

I take care of most minor repairs and upkeep right here in my garage, saving you a big bill from a specialist.

You Don’t Want A Pickle – You Just Want To Ride On Your Motorsickle!

I don’t have a “motorsickle” myself, but I certainly have a love of that old Arlo Guthrie song!

I don’t get a lot of calls for motorcycle repair, so it’s always kind of exciting when a motorcycle rolls into the shop. There are some repairs I just don’t have the tools on hand for, but I can take care of most basic motorcycle maintenance in a jiff.

Tune-up? No problem!

Need to change the oil, the air filters, or the spark plugs? I can handle it.

In a lot of ways, taking care of a motorcycle is the same as taking care of a car: all the same components are there, just in a different shape and order. Especially if you store your bike over the winter months, it’s good to get it checked out before putting it back on the road. I like to change the oil and clean everything out to make sure nothing sticks and everything stays gunk-free.

You don’t want this guy crawling out of your engine!


Repairing Your Home Away From Home – RVs

It’s a bit of a hassle finding a shop that can take care of your motorhome, and I’ll tell you why: size matters! A lot of shops aren’t set up to accommodate such a long vehicle, and there are only a few guys in town that can do it.

But here’s the good news: I’m one of them!

For example, in the summer I helped a couple who were motorhoming from Saskatchewan to Victoria and ran into a touch of trouble on the highway. We towed them in and set them down in front of the house, and they stayed right there in the motorhome while I fixed it over the next few days – a vacation inside a vacation!

We eventually figured out where the problem was, and I showed them what they could do to fix it if it ever cropped up again.

They went merrily on their way to Victoria and lived happily ever after.

Anything and everything else

I love having a personal relationship with my customers, and that includes all manner of vehicles they want to bring into the shop. When it comes down to it, I’ll take a look at just about anything!

Motorcycles? Check.

Motorhomes? Check.

Boats? Sure, why not.

Most engines work in just about the same way, so I can spot – and fix – simple problems right off the bat. I can also tell you if a repair is going to be out of my league – or out of your budget. I can tell you when you need to see a specialist, or if it’s time to start hitting the classifieds for a new one.

The long and the short of it is that if I already take care of your car, I certainly don’t mind taking a look at your motorcycle / quad / boat / robot. If I can’t help you, I’ll send you somewhere else that can (and that you can trust).