• 35+ Years auto repair experience
  • 20+ Years of dealership experience
  • Master Technician for Mazda for 7 years
  • Grandmaster Technician for GM for 9 years
  • Shop foreman & Master Technician of Mertin Hyundai 6 & 1/2 years


  • Commercial vehicle inspector (includes PVI – Private Vehicle Inspector)
  • Air conditioning certification
  • TQ Certification since 1989

Anyone who has ever brought their car to me realizes that I provide a service on par with what any dealership could provide you. As you can see through the testimonials along the side of my site (and on the testimonials page), my current customers are big fans of my service.

“Why is that?” you might ask.

There’s really nothing special about it! I have no tricks or gimmicks to get people excited. But what I do offer, is a fair and reliable service, and I won’t sell you anything you don’t need.

I consistently have clients who come in saying “this other auto garage across town was going to charge me double what you were!”.

“If You’re So Inexpensive, There Must Be Something Wrong, Right?”

I realize that it can become a common occurrence to go to the “cheaper” mechanic, only to find out that he’s inexperienced. He makes a few mistakes on your car, and now your engine is seized, or worse. What a disaster!

You may want to visit a dealership because they offer you a guarantee on all of their work (if they mess it up, they’re responsible!). And that’s a great thing. I fully agree that a mechanic should be held accountable for his work, and I’m proud that they offer such a guarantee.

I also offer all the same guarantees that a dealer does.

On top of that, I’ve actually worked for professional car dealerships such as Mazda, GM, & Hyundai for over 20 years! I was the shop foreman over at the Mertin Hyundai, so I know exactly what it takes to offer a dealership-quality experience.

I can do jobs that many other mechanics can’t because I’ve been fixing cars so long (such as carburetors, transmissions, or classic vehicles)

Because I always do a great job, business just flows in! When you come to me, you can expect the same level of service & accountability that a credible dealership offers.

Doing business with me is always a pleasant experience. And once your car is ready, you can come inside, have a cup of coffee (or a mocha!), and I’ll explain to you your bill, so you understand exactly what you’re paying for (and why it had to be done).