Aquapel: The Best in Windshield Protection

Living on the west coast only means one thing: rain. Buckets and buckets of rain.

This troupe looks happier about the weather than I do.

Luckily, I’ve got just the thing to make life just a little bit easier in the soggy Fraser Valley: Aquapel Glass Treatment.

What Does Aquapel Do?

More like what doesn’t it do! Aquapel is a jack of all trades for windshields. It coats the glass and makes it an unfriendly environment for water – meaning as soon as it starts raining, water beads up and streams off.

No fuss, no muss!

It’s even better in snow, because flakes have a hard time sticking to the glass. I was once driving in a snowstorm for 45 minutes and didn’t even realize it, because the Aquapel on my windshield made the snow scoot off as soon as it touched down. It takes the stress out of driving in those nasty spring storms, because it picks up the slack in between your windshield wiper strokes and gets water out of your way – fast.

Check out this comparison of coated glass versus uncoated glass. Notice how much more visible the left side is, even though the wipers aren’t even on.

Aquapel treated vs untreated

The coating also works its funky science magic for night driving by cutting down on windshield glare. Do you get blinded by oncoming headlights or street lamps when you drive after dark? Aquapel gives you back your vision, making your ride safer and a whole lot less stressful.

It’s a pretty clear difference.

How Does It Work?

Quick science talk: Aquapel is a fluorinated compound that forms a chemical bond to the glass. It makes surfaces hydrophobic, which literally means “afraid of water.”

You may be familiar with RainX, another windshield coating that repels water. It works the same way – by bonding to the glass – but it’s a silicon-based product instead. I find it doesn’t work as well or last as long, which is why I always recommend Aquapel instead.

Aquapel was actually designed for use on airplane windshields, so you know that it’s some high-powered stuff. Pilots need to see!

This image illustrates how the hydrophobic compound causes the water not to stick to your glass. On the right-hand side you can see water absorbing into your windshield. On the left-hand side you can see how the water balls up and rolls off.

The Aquapel trifecta

There are three great things I love about Aquapel:

  • it’s effective
  • it’s easy to apply
  • and it’s inexpensive.

As soon as it’s on your windshield, you’ll notice a huge difference. Water just beads up and rolls away – and the faster you’re going, the faster it flies off. It’s especially great for highway driving.

For all that benefit, it’s a really quick and painless procedure.

The most time-consuming part is making sure the windshield is clean and dry beforehand, and then Aquapel applies in minutes. You don’t have to worry about that part of the procedure at all – I have years of experience with the stuff and I’m more than happy to apply it for you. Get it done while you’re getting an oil change or inspection, and it only adds a few minutes to your total time.

And did I mention it’s inexpensive? I’m a thrifty dad at heart, and I love finding a great deal. Aquapel is one of those golden products that gives you 110% bang for your buck. It clocks in at under $25, and it lasts for months.

The George Guarantee

You know me – I’d never recommend a product or service that I can’t stand by. I know it works because I use it myself; I have Aquapel on all my own cars.

It makes me rest a little easier when my family’s driving in the dark or the rain, because I know I’ve given them the best possible conditions to travel in. Book some time with me to put Aquapel on your windshield – it’s fast, it’s easy, and you’ll see the difference immediately.

I’ll let Johnny Nash take us away… I’ll bet you didn’t know this song was about Aquapel!