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I’ve known George for more than 35 years and I’d trust him with any car or truck repair.Kathryn Formo
We trust our entire fleet of (Chinook Electric) work vans with George… He is a super-reliable, skilled and fair mechanic that I would recommend to anyone.Glenn Brubaker
Was passing through town and broke down. George got my car in last minute, and got me back on the road as soon as he could. Did quality work for a great price.Noah Salmen-Hartley
We were in need of getting our brakes done desperately but we were very picky on who we were going to take our car to.

My husband decided to do some searching on google and came across George’s website. My husband read all the reviews and noticed he had numerous 5 star reviews. Well my husband gave George a call and next thing we knew he was fitting us in to get our brakes done.

George went above and beyond what any mechanic would do. He was a total lifesaver and an amazing mechanic. My friend took me to pick up my car and even from what she heard, she is now going to switch mechanics.

I can’t thank George enough for what he did for us. We have a new mechanic for life now. We will not go to anybody else.
Ramona Cox

I used to work with George at a dealership in Chilliwack. He worked on my vehicles there and has at his Rosedale shop. We have since moved to Maple Ridge.

I’ve been to a few shops here since the move and been disappointed. Will be making the drive in the future for George to work on our cars.Brian Legge

There is truly not enough words to express how helpful George was when I called him in regards to engine issues with my car.

I had phoned many other mechanics in the Fraser Valley and told them exactly what I told George in regards to my car and all I was being told was different quotes for parts and services.

George however spent a great deal of time asking me about my car issues and walking me through diagnosing it myself, rather than paying the towing fee and diagnosis fee.

His knowledge helped me to rule out potential causes and even allowed me to fix the issues (a fried fuel pump relay) myself. While I was being quoted $80+ from other mechanics just to come take a look at my car, George took time out of his day to help me try to fix this issue first on my own.

Sure enough my car is back up and running. As a student who relies on my car greatly, I could not be more appreciated of George’s knowledge, patience, time and care in helping me solve the problem on my own.

I definitely recommend him as it is evident that he is not only knowledgable and passionate about what he does, but he also has a strong sense of care for his customers and their situations.

I cannot be happier with my experience and I have full confidence that I will be relying on him in the future.Coralyn Pringle

I took my ’86 Honda civic to George because the engine blew. After an inspection, he figured out that my rings & valves were gone and he was able to rebuild my engine (that was only running on a few cylinders at that time).

This job usually would have taken a week at a normal shop, and probably cost me around $1,700, which is more than price of my entire car so it hardly seemed worth it. That’s just an estimate though.

But taking it to George made it possible for me to keep my car, and still actually feed myself, which is a bonus when you’re on a limited budget.

I found him to be a very integral businessman, and was very trustworthy (which was proven when he gave me such a good deal). It’s been over a year and the repairs are still holding up great, haven’t had any more problems with my engine at all since he did the repairs.

I loved that he took the time to explain everything in FULL detail, in a way that I could understand it. He was never rushing me out the door or anything. When you go with George, you get a hospitable experience. “Come on in, take a seat, watch some TV, and have a coffee while you wait for your repair”.

He also took a lot of attention to detail, such as making my engine sparkle, checking the tire pressure, wiping my mirrors down, and all sorts of things that weren’t even related to the job.

Any time I have a concern or a worry, I can call him up and he gives me advice on any weird noises I might be having. Even if I’m just curious as to which type of oil to put in my car, or which windshield wipers to put on my car, George was there for me.

Super integral! Honest, friendly and educational. I would never recommend another mechanic. If you have a problem he’ll fix it with the utmost efficiency!Melissa Dowber

Definitely recommended! George is an excellent mechanic!!! He’ll surely fix your car and have it running in no time!Roberta Stanley
I just wanted to leave my experience with George Muller Automotive: He is a very honest mechanic who saved me hundreds!

So great to have a mechanic that doesn’t charge an insane amount in labor. He repaired the transmission leaks which included valve cover gaskets and spark plug seals.

There is always skepticism when it comes to who to trust when pulling a transmission, are they going to do more work than is actually needed. I can tell you that I never had a doubt about what work was done or that it was needed,

George showed me the parts he took out of my car and gave me a very detailed invoice showing everything he did. My car is running amazingly! Getting better than ever gas mileage!

If you are looking for a trustworthy person to work on your car, look no further than George Muller AutomotiveDianna Meier

Best mechanic ever! I drive all the way from Langley to have my car fixed by George because he always does a great job & always saves me money!Lee M.
Did an excellent job on my brakes, George was very professional and upmost honest about my vehicle. I felt that he took pride and care in his work to ensure I felt safe driving away. He showed compassion toward me and for his work. I will definately be returning for future maintenance on my vehicle and will be referring him to others! Thank you George.Brittani Fontaine
I appreciated George’s openness and his willingness to take the time to walk me through what needed to get done and why it needed to get done.

It is nice to find a skilled mechanic that won’t run you through the cash wringer and does an excellent job getting the job done quickly and professionally.

George will have my business moving forward!Guy Fried

Fast, efficient and friendly service! Best service in the lower mainland! Thanks!Sabrina Gidon
George is the best and most honest mechanic I know..he always goes beyond the call when fixing my truck and my BMW..and his prices are great..love bringing my vehicles to him.

I feel so much safer as George always explains what was done and what might need to be done or looked at another time. Thanks George.Susan Penner

George is skilled, honest and thorough – and he’s a great guy too. Highly recommend him.

BONUS: his prices are well below a dealer’s : )Gardiner Millar

Recently I had to have several belts replaced on my car. I took my vehicle to George Muller. I found George to be a professional, thorough, and honest mechanic.

He replaced my belts at a cost far less than any competitor. I am very happy to refer anyone that needs any work on their vehicle to George.Keith McKnight

I take my vehicles to George for all their maintenance needs.

George takes the fear out of owning older vehicles with his knowledgeable service and attention to detail.Nathan Hewitt

Recently my car started making some less than savoury noises. As someone who knows little about cars this was quite alarming.

I was worried about finding a mechanic that I could trust and would not take advantage of my lack of vehicle know-how. I didn’t have much to go by in terms of credentials, but I heard from an inside scoop that George Muller had indeed seen the 1986 classic “Big Trouble in Little China”, which put him miles ahead of any of the competition.

Upon bringing my vehicle to George it became immediately clear that he had indeed seen the movie and was aware of acting prowess of the great Kurt Russell. While watching him quickly work out the problems afflicting my car, I was instantaneously reminded of the quick to act character Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China.

Like the scene in which Jack, in an attempt to help his friends, drives blindly into a dark mysterious gang-ridden alley, not knowing the dangers that lay ahead but knowing he had the experience to handle whatever it was.

Or another classic bit where Jack, when faced against the dark magic of the ancient wizard Lo Pan, has to rely purely on his reflexes to help his friends, save the day, and of course get the girl!

Director John Carpenters passion for film truly shines even as he jumps into a genre of film in which he has no previous experience, kung fu. Now some kung fu enthusiasts might not be apt to accept Carpenters more camp style of martial arts, but if one simply gives the movie the chance your heart will warm up quickly. With all the wit and charm expected of a movie starring the great Kurt Russell, it’s hard to expect anything else.

Scene to scene there is always something to hold your attention. Whether it be the quick to act Kurt Russell lead, the more than interesting set pieces, shot by shot full of color, with a story that will leave you guessing ’til the very last second.

Truly a film that embodies the spirit of ’80s action. With smooth talking leads, over the top thrills, and the vibrancy that can only be born in that of 1986, this is one movie not to be missed.

“Have you paid your dues Jack?” Well if you have make sure to take any extra money left over and get your hands on a copy of Big Trouble in Little China. Rest assured you won’t regret it.Andrew Narraway

If I ever have a problem with my car, I go straight to see George. He always does a stellar job. It’s incredible how low his prices are considering he’s a grand master mechanic.. definitely not your backyard tinkerer. He always does a real quality job and goes the extra mile for you – you can count on it being done right.Jennifer Delemar
I want to thank everyone for posting such great reviews for George because that’s what convinced me to take my car to him.

Wow! I’m so happy with the work he did. He knew exactly what was wrong and wasted no time in fixing all the problems. His pricing is extremely good. He’s friendly, honest, trustworthy and really knows cars.

If you need a mechanic, he’s the guy to see. Thank you so much, George!! I’m having fun driving again! 🙂Shelley Blanchard

I was so excited to learn George started his own business and couldn’t wait to have him for my mechanic. After working with him and having him work on one of my cars before, I knew he was trustworthy and honest person.

You know the kind that there use to be lots of many years ago and today is hard to find. Well that’s George. He is like going to your local GM or Hyundai dealership with out the build or the extra cost.

He is doesn’t charge and arm or a leg. Only gives what you need and leaves the decision to you, not pressured or does something you don’t want. Thank you so much George for taking the leap to start your own shop. I would recommend you any time.Penny Collins

I found George’s prices reasonable and his work excellent. I appreciated that he listed everything that he had done and goes over it with you.

He also let me know of a fix I could do myself to save me money. George is a mechanic I can trust and I will return for future work on my vehicle.Donald Schneider

I must say that taking my car to George was the best decision I ever made for my car, and also my sanity. George is helpful, friendly, and explains things in terms that anybody can understand. He always gives you a quote first before he does something, and for those of us who are tight with money, he’ll always explain what needs to be fixed right away and what can wait for later.

In a world full of cold, greedy and insensitive shops and dealerships, mechanics like George are a dying breed. Because George acts as the technician, service advisor and parts specialist all in one, you don’t have to worry about getting a run around or having an inexperienced middleman’s error.

George is the real deal, and he is a delight to work with. I recommend him to friends and family alike.Braden Adams

I initially found George through a google search as I was tired of paying the hefty shop prices the big shops charge so made the decision to give him a try. I have used George twice now and on both occasions he has exceeded my expectations.

I found him very courteous, knowledgeable, thorough and lots of integrity. His pricing was very reasonable and always on time. His wife also is to be applauded as she has to put up with strangers in her home when customers need to settle their accounts. I would highly recommend George for any of your automotive needs.Jerry Romfo

When I found George Muller a couple of years ago I found peace of mind. Here is an affordable, skilled mechanic who stands behind his work.

He fixes the things that need to be fixed and fixes them well. I wouldn’t take my vehicles to anyone else.James McRae

Awesome mechanic. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Honest and reliable, I always know that the work that is being done is done correctly. I never have to worry about getting over charged.Daniel M.