Diesel, Hybrid, Electric – So Many Alternatives! Fixing And Maintaining All Sorts Of Non-gas Motors

  • “Can you fix my car – even if it’s a diesel engine?”
  • “What about a hybrid?”
  • “What about my electric car?”

I have one short answer for you: of course!

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is a diesel, electric, hybrid, or gas – I’m always happy to take a look under the hood. Brakes, tires, air conditioning, and a host of other common vehicle bits and bobs are the same in any car, no matter what kind of engine you have, meaning I’m well set up to handle your maintenance.

That said, there are a few slippery things to watch out for if you’re running a diesel or electric engine – and if you’re not careful, they can wriggle right out of control!

Don't let car maintenance turn into a slippery fish!

Don’t let car maintenance turn into a slippery fish!


Rock On Through Electric Avenue – Electric/Hybrid Engines

For the most part, a lot of car innards are the same no matter what fuel powers the engine. Suspension, brakes, and all manufacturer recommended maintenance can be taken care of right here in my shop. No matter what sort of car problems plague you, I’m more than happy to take a look at it.

Electric and hybrid engines are basically powered by a big battery that runs the “electric” part of the car. When it comes to working with that battery specifically, sometimes the dealerships are the only ones set up to handle that sort of voltage. When you have that much electricity in one place, you don’t want to take any chances – or else…



That said, you should give me a call even if you think your problem is specifically battery related. Sometimes the problem presents itself in one place but originates in another – you might think you need a new transmission, but the problem might be as simple as popping out a compartment and replacing an electrical component.

I always diagnose first, and fix second – no matter how obvious the problem seems to be!

Take Care Of Your Diesel Engine (And It Will Take Care Of You)!

Diesel engines are bigger and a beefier than regular engines, but all the parts are mostly the same.

The main thing to keep an eagle eye on is keeping the fuel clean. Diesel engines run at a much higher pressure than other engines, and this means contaminates in the fuel have a much better chance of gunking up the engine – doing some serious damage in the process. A diesel engine has to be clean!

The best way to keep a diesel engine spic and span is through regular maintenance. Paying close attention to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and staying on top of a few basic tasks:

  • changing fuel filters religiously
  • changing air filters regularly
  • changing oil punctually

Otherwise, diesel engines are incredibly robust and can take a lot of abuse. If you treat it right, your diesel can be your best and sturdiest friend!

All in all, diesel engines are so similar to a gas engine that you don’t need to search out a specialist; I can handle most diesel repairs myself without breaking a sweat. If I ever run into something I don’t have the tools or space to manage myself, I still make sure your story has a happy ending – I have a relationship with a bigger shop in town with all the heavy duty equipment a diesel engine could ever need.

If I have to refer you elsewhere, I liaise with that shop on your behalf – meaning no extra work or headaches, and you’re still getting the George Muller great service guarantee.